After school activity

Our local association organizes after school activity under Espoo comprehensive education in three different schools: Päivänkehrän koulu, Komeetan koulu and Westendinpuiston koulu. We also have two private units: one in Olari and one in Matinkylä.

Afternoon activities in basic education

Applying for after school activity happens in the electronic Wilma-system. The prices are in the part time contract 80€ per month and in full time contract 140€ per month.

Children need a familiar environment, safe adults and nice things to do after school. That is why Mannerheim League for Child Welfare organizes activity for children after school. By working in groups, children will learn social skills and tolerance. We emphasize good manners and respecting each other. It is important that everyone has friends and a nice afternoon in a safe and familiar environment and company.  We plan activity together with children. There is both guided activities and free play. Guided activities include for example exercise and crafts. Children also have the opportunity to do their homework with the help of our instructors.

There are different toys, games and supplies that children are free to use. We encourage children to play together. At the beginning of the school year, we make sure that everybody finds their place in the group.

After school activity takes place every weekday between 12 and 17 o’clock. Instructors make sure that parents are aware of important things by sending a weekly note. The everyday communication happens in effortless manner by phone.

Private after school activity

During the school year 2019-2020 our local association organizes private after school activity in our rented club rooms both in Olari (Sammalkalliontie 6) and in Matinkylä (Leilankuja 4). Pupils of Matinlahti school and Päivänkehrä school (1-2 graders) walk to the club room after school together with the instructor. Others will walk on their own.

The prices are in August 165€ per month and from September to May 188€ per month. The advantages of private after school activity are smaller groups, separate home like club rooms and educated instructors who plan quality activity. The customers of private after school activity are also the priority when the sign up for summer clubs begins.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone 050 324 6687 or by e-mail

Kuva: MLL Matti Matikainen