Support us

Donate money

You can donate money to our Osuuspankki bank account, FI81 5000 0120 4217 47, please use reference 88996.

Donate toys and supplies

Our family cafés and afternoon clubs for 1-2 graders need toys, games and supplies for recreational activities. If you have something to donate, please contact

Co-operation with companies

Companies can help us by sponsoring us or offering discounts for our members. In return we help in advertising for example by a banner on our internet site. If you are interested, please contact

Become a member

Becoming a member is the easiest way to support our association. For more information...

Become a volunteer

Many of our activities need volunteers. You can spend one day helping with our flee market, visit our afternoon clubs to teach our 1-2 graders how to build a bark boat, or take a weekly hobby of drinking coffee with other parents with small kids. What, where and when to do is very much up to you. If you have any ideas what you would like to do, please contact us! Contact information