Renting a club room or bouncy castle

Renting a club room

The members of our local association can rent our club rooms in Olari (Sammalkalliontie 6 E-F) and Matinkylä (Leilankuja 4). Club rooms are great places for example for hosting children’s birthday parties. The prices are 20€ per evening during the week (17:30-21) and 40€ per day during the weekend, you can also rent the whole weekend for 60€

If you are a member of another MLL-association the price is 
40€ for one evening during the week (17:30-21)
80€ for one day on the weekend Saturday OR Sunday
120€ the whole weekend

We also rent club rooms for non-members. Then the prices are 60€  for one evening during the week (17:30-21)
120€for one day on the weekend Saturday OR Sunday
180€ the whole weekend.

Inquirys and reservations by e-mail You pick up the keys to the club rooms from our office (Sammalkalliontie 6 A-B). We don’t rent club rooms during holidays.

You can use chairs and tables, kitchen supplies, toys and games. You can not use food, beverages in the cupboards or craft materials, paper and pens.

Please put everything on their right place before you leave. Also wash the dishes you have used. You find the cleaning supplies in the closet.

Renting a bouncy castle

As a member of our local association (Etelä-Espoon paikallisyhdistys) you can rent the bouncy castle free of charge. Bouncy castle is meant for private home use only. The bouncy castle can not be used in our club rooms.

The price for members of other MLL local associations is 30€ and for others 50€. The bouncy castle is meant for children between 3-7 years, two kids at once. The renting time is 1-4 days. There are two different size castles to choose from: 

Apinalinna 300 x 225 x 175 cm
Iso linna 366 x 274 x 213cm

The filling time with pump is approximately 1 minute (it needs constant mains current).

You pick up the bouncy castle at our office (Sammalkalliontie 6 A-B). Inquirys by e-mail (