International Family Café

International Family cafe at Kylämaja on Wednesdays at 14-17

Family Café is open to all families with children. Family café is open for recreation and socializing with other children and parents. Children have an opportunity to play with each other. Family Café is hosted by Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitton Etelä-Espoon paikallisyhdistys (local association). Our values include equality and tolerance, cooperation and joy. Participating in activities is free of charge. We sell coffee and donuts (1 e/family). Spoken languages are Finnish and English.

Matinkylä Kylämaja, Matinkatu 7, 02230 Espoo

Our association organizes family cafes also in Olari and Matinkylä. Family cafes are meant for families with children. Family cafe is a place to relax and have cup a coffee and to get to know to other families. Children have an opportunity to play with each other. Participating is free of charge. You are welcome to family cafes even if you don’t speak Finnish.

Suurpelto Mainiokoti Kaisla, Suurpellon Puistokatu 14D, 02200 Espoo
On Mondays at 9:30-12 (starting 2.9.)
On Wednesdays at 15.30- 18 (starting 4.9.)

Club room locations:
Olari club room, Sammalkalliontie 6 E-F, 02210 Espoo
On Wednesdays at 9:30-12 (starting 4.9.)


Matinkylä club room, Leilankuja 4, 02230 Espoo
On Fridays at 9:30-12 (starting 6.9.)

More information:

Kuva: MLL Matti Matikainen