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Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLL) is an open non-governmental organization that promotes the child's right to a good and happy childhood, and thus to safeguard the future of our society. MLL Etelä-Espoo local association's mission is to work with children's best interests, support parenting and children and young people's growth and development in and around the Matinkylä and Olari region.

Our goal is to influence the well-being of families e.g. by organizing frameworks for peer support activities for parents, as well as offering affordable recreational opportunities for children and families. You can find more info from the main MLL website.

Most of our activities are organized in finnish, but you are welcome to participate even if you don't speak finnish. We are also open for new ideas and volunteers for activities targeted for the immigrants of our region.

Welcome to our International family cafe in Matinkylä!